Company’s brief history


August, Founded company by founder Miyaichi Yokoyama at Mikuradori, Nagata-ku, Kobe as a supplier of textile to rubber industry in Kobe, and simultaneously, as a foreign trader.

1951 Made a speciality of foreign trade.
1952 Moved headquarter to the present premises.
1953 Started import business. In addition to textile exports, strengthened export operations of electric appliances and machine tools.
1954 Established a representative office in Tehran (Iran), as a center of the Middle and Near Eastern markets.
1955 Established an Liaison Office in Tokyo.
1960 Established Osaka Branch in order to strengthen import business.
1962 Established a representative office in Johannesburg (South Africa). exported mainly
household electric goods, and aimed to expand sales to Southern African Countries.
1980 After the Iranian Revolution, moved office from Tehran to Athens (Greece) to cover the Middle East. Established a representative office in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) to maintain Middle East markets.
1982 Relocated our representative office from Athens to Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), strengthened of household electric appliances, in the biggest market in the Middle East.
1984 Increased Capital to 14 million Yen.
1986 Changed to Tokyo Branch from Tokyo Liaison office.

Promoted to Mr. Shigeharu Yorimasa as a President. Separated Osaka Branch and
Founded Taiyo Bussan Osaka Co., Ltd, as a Independent Company.

1989 Established Kobe Taiyo (H.K.) Ltd. as a subsidiary
1995 Mr. Miyaichi Yokoyama retired from Chairman
1996 Increased Capital to 20 million Yen. Established Taiyo Bussan (S) Pte Ltd. as a subsidiary from Hong Kong.
2002 Promoted to Mr. Kenzo Miyaji as a President.

Promoted to Mr.Kenzo Miyaji as a Chairman.

Promoted to Mr.Hiroshi Yokoyama as a President.